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How to Pick the Best Online Slot Machine?

How to Pick the Best Online Slot Machine

Slot games have been popular for quite a while. Month by month, their popularity only grows, as well as their numbers. New themes are continuously being introduced with various soundtracks, customized visuals, different winning combinations, etc. Players have different preferences. Some are more keen on playing for fun on video slots that do not have large jackpots but offer better odds of winning. Others, however, care less about the visuals and the themes, and they are mostly interested in their chances of winning progressive jackpots. However, the following question imposes itself: “How to choose from a vast variety of online slots?” For that matter, there are different methods and aspects that one should take into consideration.

The Slot’s Type

Are you playing just for fun on a half an hour session, or are you planning on investing larger amounts of money and winning big? Depending on the answer, there are different types of slots that you should aim for. If you belong in the first category, you should go for the slots with three reels, where the prizes will be smaller but with a higher chance of acquiring them. On the other hand, 5-reel slots make the game more complex. They provide additional features, broadened gameplay, and added extras. Moreover, the winnings on those slots are more significant in comparison to the 3-reels ones, but they are harder to get and require more skill and knowledge about online slot gaming.

Visuals and Free Spins

The visuals and free spin features are also important aspects, apart from the prizes themselves. Some players enjoy inserted video clips played between games or after winning certain combinations. Others find it to be a distraction and opt out in favor of regular slots. Also, specific machines are known to provide players with a lot of extras, such as free spins or other bonuses. One such example is the “Guns n’ Roses” game.


Made in different shapes and carrying different values, they are of vital importance to the game. Some might want to conquer huge rewards with the help of the Norse Gods, while others want to do it alongside some Rock n’ Roll music. There are three basic types of symbols: WILD (which serve as a replacement for the regular ones to help the players acquire a specific combination), SCATTER (these provide the players with additional free spins, bonuses, and extras. The payline has to contain at least 2 of them, in order for the trigger to happen), and MULTIPLIER (as the name implies, these symbols will multiply your winnings up to four times).


Paylines are a combination of symbols that need to be positioned in a certain pattern to trigger an event. The number of paylines can vary from one machine to another, and the most classic example of a payline is the three dollar sign pattern in the middle. There can be two types of paylines: fixed (the number of lines that you can bet on cannot be changed) and adjustable (any number of lines can be activated, up to the maximum amount).

RTP Value

If you want to increase your chances of winning big, with, for example, smaller pay tables, then the Return to Player is something that you should take into consideration. This value determines how much the casino is going to profit from your deposits, even if you are winning. In the gaming world, this is called “A house advantage,” and it represents something that can keep casinos going and help them remain financially secure.

Do Some Research

Usually, you should test something out before finally deciding to invest money and time in it. The same goes for slot machines. Strategic planning and gathering required information about certain online casinos and the slots that they offer should be the first thing you do. That is especially important when real money is on the line, and you don’t want to go home with empty pockets due to lack of knowledge. RNG will be both your greatest enemy and your biggest ally when it comes to online gambling, for it will decide the outcome of your games, even after years of experience.

FAQs and Forums

The FAQ section of a specific casino’s website should be the first place to visit. Here, you will be able to find the most commonly asked questions about the specifics of the brand itself and the slot machine that you are interested in. What is its RTP value, what are the wagering requirements that you need to make, are there several jackpots or a progressive jackpot, etc. Should you fail to find the answer there, proceed to the website’s forum, or, if it is non-existent, try to find the necessary information on other gambling forums. There, people discuss the casinos, table games, online slots, and give them rates based on their own experience. Usually, the reviews will be mostly positive or negative, and from there on, you can decide which machine you are going to play on.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Loud and shiny slots located in the center of a real-life casino surely must guarantee bigger chances of winning jackpots and tempting bonuses? Not necessarily. Instead, you should give a chance to the underdogs. Sure, it is easier to spot them in a physical casino, but in a virtual casino, they can be found through research methods that were mentioned above. Most websites with reviews offer ratings, and some even include the percentages of how much the specific slot is played. Perhaps they will not be as appealing as some of the newer versions, and will not offer graphical atmosphere with corresponding soundtracks, but do not let that misguide you. Give them a chance, and you might get what you didn’t expect.

Plan Your Bankroll

Perhaps you are not keen on starting the game with smaller, calculated bets. Or the opposite, you either do not want or are not in the situation to start big. That is where the bankroll steps in. It is the amount of money that you have initially planned for the game. Depending on your playstyle and the goals that you’ve set, your approach will be different. However, you should keep in mind that some online slots require high deposits from the very beginning. You know, the loud and shiny ones. One of the best strategies, if you are willing to play it safe (meaning that you are trying to avoid big losses) is to only play with your initial bankroll. Put all of the winnings aside and only use them if you are feeling exceptionally lucky in that moment.

Select an Appealing Theme

Nowadays, all sorts of slots themes can be seen. Different genres based on video games, movies, favorite music groups, etc. These are fully customized in order to enhance the player’s experience. You are being visually attracted to the slot itself, and it might be the main reason why you are playing, even after suffering some losses. Developers know how to reach their target audience and how human psychology works. The more that you associate yourself with the theme, the more you will spend your time and money on it. Sometimes, picking an online slot can be compared to kids picking a toy in a store.

Free Demo

Give the machine a few free spins. Some offer demos that you can use freely to get more familiar with the slot. This is a convenient way to test out if you’ve done your research well and if the reviews were accurate (either positive or negative). Consequently, it will help you decide whether you want to try it out with real cash or if it’s not the right fit for you. Apart from that, you can always use demo machines to take a break from the real ones if you have noticed that luck isn’t on your side that day. Spending money in a reasonable amount and having fun should always be your priorities while gambling.

To Conclude

It is always hard to make a decision when the choices are almost limitless. That is especially true if you are entirely new to something and don’t know how, nor where to start from. Following the simple guidelines that we have covered will undoubtedly help you in the long run. Meanwhile, the more you play, the more experienced you will be, and after a while, all the pieces of the puzzle will come together. Eventually, you will know what you like and what is best suited for you. Be sure to understand what you are aiming for while gambling, how much you are willing to risk, and don’t let things get out of control.

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