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How Do You Blacklist Someone with Online Gambling?

How Do You Blacklist Someone with Online Gambling

There is a widespread fear among all gamblers that they might end up on a blacklist. A term “Black Book” is frequently used to refer to a list of people banned from casinos. It is the most popular term that covers the definition of a blacklist. The fear of getting blacklisted is real because people fear they might be forbidden to gamble online and that is something they would all like to avoid. Moreover, when someone is put on a blacklist, that means they can’t access most gambling sites. Besides, the majority of online casinos have access to the players’ profiles and personal information. It is a big problem for gamblers because they somehow feel threatened. I think that the player blacklists sometimes exist just to scare others and to serve as an example for rulebreakers. However, there are many gambling websites that you can use without problems, which have transparent policies and lenient terms and conditions.

Blacklisted in Casino: How Did I Get There?

Firstly, there are some things that you should know about the term blacklist. Being blacklisted doesn’t explicitly mean that you have committed anything illegal or wrong. A blacklist has multiple purposes, but it mainly serves as an indicator of some previous criminal activity (though not always). There is a slight possibility that you can open another account and play somewhere else, but don’t have high hopes about it. That is because online casinos have blocking software that can recognize your IP address and deny your request for the registration there. Sometimes, players didn’t follow the strict rules of the online casino, and that can be reason enough for them to get blacklisted. I’ve seen many player complaints about the unfairness of their ban from a casino, claiming innocence. Therefore, I am going to tell you what the most common reasons for getting blacklisted are, so that you can use that information for future endeavors and remain safe while playing:

• You can be put on a blacklist if you provide fake ID info and payment details. It is terrible, and it can seriously damage your gambling reputation. So if you want to have permanent access to gambling sites, you need to provide them with reliable information about yourself.
• Read the terms and conditions on the online casino website, otherwise, you can get into trouble. Don’t just click at the “I agree” button if you haven’t read everything or you don’t agree with most of the stuff. It is easier to find another online casino than to gamble after you’ve been put on a blacklist.
• If you create multiple accounts from different emails and use your winnings for some illegal activities such as money laundering through the payment system, you are going to be banned (and put on a blacklist). Also, you probably won’t have access to this or any other casino website ever again.

How to Avoid Being Getting Blacklisted by Casino?

What we just listed are the most common mistakes one makes during online gambling, and if you want to stay on the safe side, you should follow this advice. However, online casinos have their means of banning you, and they can do it in several different ways. All of them are legal and are written down in the terms and conditions. For instance, they keep the right to maintain your account and do whatever they want with it. Also, they can shut it down at any point or even take your winnings if they think you haven’t earned them “fairly.” They can inform you that your way of gambling doesn’t conform to their terms of service and that they are going to deactivate your account. For example, you can get banned if you win enormous amounts of money or if you took advantage of the “bonuses.” The wrong usage of the offered bonuses can mislead the casino into thinking that you are playing against them and they can ban you. The majority of the casinos are going to pay you what you have earned, but they are not going to allow you to gamble there again. An online casino can freeze your account for some time, and they have every right to do so if it’s written in the terms and conditions. When your account is frozen, that means you can’t use it for some time, and no matter what you do, you can’t take your money out during that period.


From my point of view, there are many ways of how you can avoid getting banned from the online casino website. I strongly advise you to do everything that is in your hands to prevent that from happening. You are here because you like to gamble online and enjoy the game, and I believe that is the truth. If that is the case, you don’t have anything to worry about, pay attention to the rules, and keep in mind that you are their (online casino’s) user and that you are playing for them. You can use this guide to help you avoid being involved in illegal activities while gambling online and try to follow it next time you are playing on some new website.

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